Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut, Thermal Paste (1 Gram)

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  • EXTREMELY high thermal conductivity of 12.5KW achieved with even smaller particles, is perfect for even the most demanding configurations and can also be used in industrial cooling systems
  • THERMAL COMPOUND PASTE EASY TO USE – Thanks to a specially constructed syringe and a spatula for spreading thermal grease included. It guarantees a simple, pleasant and precise distribution of the paste on your processor or graphics card
  • LONG ACTION – Provides long-lasting effect, thanks to its characteristic and specialized structure, Kryonaut thermal paste does not dry out even at 80° Celsius degrees
  • SURPRISING EFFECTS – Already at the first use of this thermal solution, you may experience a drop in temperature, which will reduce the loudness of your equipment and improve the comfort of use
  • NUMBER 1 ON THE MARKET – Confirmed by many tests, the most popular choice meets the highest quality standards not only of standard computer users but also of avid Overclocking fans
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Product Description

Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut Banner
Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut Infographic 1; Different Sizes

Thermal Grizzly

  • The Kryonaut thermal paste was specially developed for the extremely demanding applications and the highest requirements of the overlocking community. Kryonaut is also recommended as a top product for critical cooling systems in the industrial sector.
  • Kryonaut is a silicone-based paste that allows the use of more aluminium in its mix, resulting in better thermal performance and lower operating temperatures.
Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut; der8auer recomendation; Infographic 2

Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut Thermal Paste


Kryo” – the Greek word for “cold”, which is also used in cryogenics – indicates that Kryonaut Thermal Paste is specifically designed for use at low temperatures – it was developed for the true “cryouts” of “extreme overclockers”.

Excellent Thermal Conductivity

The contained nanoparticles of aluminium and zinc oxide enable the alignment of the connected surfaces of components such as the processor contact plate or the water block to ensure perfect thermal conductivity.

Kryonaut Thermal Paste

It allows excellent heat conduction between components such as CPU, GPU, LEDs, heat dissipation fin plates and fans. The way it is applied ensures ease of use.


  • PS3, PS4, PS5
  • Xbox 360, One, Series S and Series X
  • Excellent for dissipating heat from Macbooks.
  • Computer components such as CPU, GPU, LEDs, heat dissipation fins and fans.
  • It can work with almost any system either with air or with liquid nitrogen (down to -250°C).
  • The cap provided facilitates precise application of the paste.
Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut Set

Kryonaut Kit

  1. Properties: Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut is an extremely high-performance thermal paste that can also develop its performance in the low-temperature range. Kryonaut thermal paste does not harden and has a high long-term stability.
  2. Applications: Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut is used in applications that require high temperature resistance, e.g. applications in electrical engineering – especially in computer technology. In addition, Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut covers a wide range of applications and can be used in many industries. Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut is particularly suitable for application with the Thermal Grizzly applicator. However, it can also be applied with a brush, spatula, screen and pad printing.
  3. Storage conditions: Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut should be stored in dry rooms at room temperature and in its original packaging.

Kryonaut Technical Details

Thermal Conductivity: 12,5 W/mk
Thermal Resistance: 0,0032 K/W
Electrical Conductivity: 0 pS/m
Viscosity: 120-170 Pas
Density: 3,7 g/cm3
Temperature: -250 °C/+350 °C
Consistency: Soft
Colour: Light-Grey
Standard Sizes: 1 g; 5,55 g; 11,1 g; 37 g
Thickness: Variable
Silicone-based: Yes
Typical Applications: CPUs, GPUs, Notebooks, ICs
Weight 20 g
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 2 cm


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  1. ahvnccyfiamq


    Smaller than a pinkie finger, Do not buy this.Just buy artic silver or something cheaper there is no difference in temp

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  2. Bob


    Extremely great for thermal transfer!!Most people already know this, but I would like to share my experience on this product. WOW!!!!!!!After a few researches and many reviews online and in person, I took a chance to apply this product to my 10 year old laptop. The laptop was overheated from the start when I purchased it. Lately the laptop idle temp was about 86 -89 C for both cpu and gpu. Pump out effect. Ended up no paste residue on cpu and very minimal dried paste on the gpu after I opened the heatsink. After applying this thermal paste to my cpu and gpu and 24 hrs later, the idle temp is now 51 C. And highest went up to mid-80s C.The area where the cpu and gpu located are much cooler. Company delivered the product quick. Will purchase this again when a new laptop arrived.

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  3. Doug


    Great pasteI picked up a Vega 56 with a Vega 64 bios flashed to it a few months ago (for a deal ) but was one of the blower style models and I wasn’t happy with the tempsI dug around some forums about lowering temps on Vega and saw a video of a guy repasting his strix 64 with thermal grizzly kryonaught and dropping his temps pretty significantly.I decided to try it out for myself not thinking I’d see much of a difference but not only is card running between 5 – 10 degrees cooler on average, it’s also boosting higher. Highly highly recommended it for enthusiast and blower cards alike!My only gripe is that I found it a tad runny and you don’t get a whole lot in a tube. There was enough to repaste my Vega gpu (large gpu die)with just barley enough left to do my ryzen cpu.

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  4. PS


    Thick but outstanding thermal compoundI used Thermal Grizzly’s compounds on my delidded Core i7 3770K. I used Conductonaut under the IHS, and then used Kryonaut between the IHS and Corsair H80i v2 cooler. It dropped the max temps by 20 degrees, just as I had read online. I thought reviewers on YouTube and whatnot were exaggerating, however having set it up myself, Thermal Grizzly’s thermal compounds are legit.The 20 degree drop in temperatures allowed for further overclocking of the CPU, as well as reduced fan speeds. So less noise and more performance!I feel that the reduction in noise and heat, and increase in performance justify the price for what are premium thermal compounds.I purchased the larger 5.55 gram tube so that I could also use it on my PlayStation 3 and 4 as well. Seeing the performance in my PC gives a lot of confidence to do so.

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  5. Smoodles


    Worked I thinkbeen about a week now since i re pasted my GT80 Laptop and I dont notice anything different, which is good. I was just doing preemptive maintenance as the currently past was 6 years old.I know in about a year I Will have to potentially re paste as I was reading in reddit (I know not reliable source) that this will tend to flake sooner then some other ones as this is geared towards overclocking and workstations.

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  6. Scott Sheedy

    Scott Sheedy

    So far works very well but little priceyI have trusted Arctic Silver 5 for so long I cannot even remember its first application. But TG’s Kryonaut has been used by Gamers Nexus for sometime and I decided in my last build to make the switch. So far happy with it, I did not do a direct comparison in temps, so I can only speak to its ease of use and handy spreader.One thing to note, there isn’t much here, one maybe two applications (might not even cover a Ryzen Threadripper), making it substantially most expensive then AS5. Only you can decide if it is worth the extra money, but from tests by what I consider trustworthy sources it does seem to be much better then AS5.

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  7. Isaac


    Good But OverratedGood packaging and easy to spread across the CPU, the rubber tip made it easy to work with. Although after a few stress tests for me this thermal paste wasn’t a single degree improvement from a cheaper tube of Arctic MX-4 thermal paste I used before hand… In fact it was slightly worse, but it still is really good.

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  8. Morbeeus


    Best performing paste hands down…don’t fight the grizzly, embrace the grizzlyThis paste is definitely the best Paste on the market but it is very expensive for the amount you get. I bought this amount to test and verify before purchasing the bigger 5.5g tube but I would recommend just buying the 5.5g tube as it is a better price in the long run and will last for more than 2 or 3 applications (1g tube $10.00 cnd vs 5.5g tube $27.00 cnd) this will be the new paste I use for all personal builds and maintenance.

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  9. Dima Andronov

    Dima Andronov

    Used it on a PS4 processor, amazing results.There is more then enough for a CPU/GPU on a PS4 unit. The results are great, but I can’t say if this is better then other paste, but a lot of PC builders recommended it so I looked it up, 1 gram was cheap enough to try. I can’t even hear the fan anymore while launching most demanding games. I don’t think it was this quite at launch honestly. I bought it together with thermal pads from the same company which I also highly recommend because the original pads were getting disintegrated in my hands when took the PS4 apart, so might as well spend a bit more and make your PS4 last longer.

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  10. Franco


    What a cooling experienceI was getting a 10900k and a 3080 that seemed to be heating up. I tried a few different pastes nothing seemed to cool it enough. I heard from a friend about this thermal paste ( yes it’s expensive) but I will tell you my 3080 went from 88c core temperature to 75c and stayed there. My 10900k went from 85-88c to 65c max. This is good stuff the best I’m glad I listened to my bud really glad. Promise you will be happy

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  11. Das Spaz

    Das Spaz

    The included rubber tips assist in spreading the paste.Works great the hard rubber spreader tip really helps when applying the paste.A lot of thermal paste gets stuck in the tip, but it’s very helpful, so it’s a bit of a love hate thing with it. Also they include two tips. IMO that’s not enough so I washed and cleaned mine with cotton swabs, safety pin, and isopropyl.Other than that I have used this paste on both CPU and GPU and it does the job.It’s not a mind blowing difference, it just works, and does a great job.I moved from AS5 to this in my daily use.

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  12. CL


    The best paste available. This stuff works best if you apply it correctly.I build custom gaming computers for a second income. I build 8-9 per month and I use Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut on every one of my builds. Temperatures range from 28-32c at idle to 60c-65c under stress test load using Kryonaut.I bench stress test all hardware using stock heatsinks and stock TIM to set my baselines before adding tower coolers and liquid CLCs depending on the clients preference. With stock cooling, most cpus average 45c-55c at idle (depending on brand and model) and under heavy load average 70c-90c (depending on brand and model).I’ve built a few stock cooled towers using Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut and temperatures average 38c-47c idle and 68c-84c under stress load.I also use Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut on video cards and usually see a 10c-20c drop in temperatures. It is especially effective on liquid cooled cards, where I have seen idle temps sit as low as 25c and stress temps sit comfortably at 65c for hours of stress testing.I have also used Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut for really high end systems with demanding owners who want to overclock like crazy. That stuff is very trick to use and if you do it wrong, the magic smoke escapes from inside the die or motherboard and bad things happen. I personally haven’t had any issues, but I’ve seen the results of improperly applied liquid metal.Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut is perfectly safe to use and if you apply it wrong it just won’t work effectively and you’ll have to try again.Best method for applying Kryonaut is to place a nice 1/4″ pea size drop then use the heatsink to spread it using the pressure of the mounting hardware. I’ve done this for 100s of cpu/gpu mounts and once you figure out exactly how much to use for the different chip sizes and where to place it based on where the die is located under the heat spreader, you can’t miss.

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  13. Nereus H.

    Nereus H.

    Well…the hype is kinda realPros : Dropped 4-5 degrees on my EVGA 2080Ti FTW3 Ultra.Cons : Very difficult to spread. The paste is much thicker than any of the other thermal paste I’ve owned so far (Used IC Thermal, Gelid GC Extreme, NT H1). Spreading the paste (if using the recommended method by der8auer and Grizzly) requires a lot of effort if you are not experience enough to work with thicker pastes.I initially thought that since the paste is hard and does not spread well, I might get worse temps than before. But the quality of the paste is really good and it reduced the temps on my graphic card.

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  14. Joel


    The scoopHere’s my scoop on this. I had to use this for a threadripper and one 5.5g tube was enough to get one attempt at application. There was an improvement, but not an dramatic improvement. The CPU was able to run 20MHz higher after 2 hours running the blend test on prime95. The paste was like gum that starts to break down from saliva; stringy, gooey, and self-sticking. It takes pressure to spread evenly, but it can be done. If you muck it up, you better make sure you have enough for your application because your attempts will be limited. This could probably give 2-3 applications for an LGA1151 socket CPU if were to estimate. I don’t recommend this over Noctua’s paste for the price, but if you need every increment of performance boost (as was needed for me), and you don’t want to use liquid metal, this is the best option I know of.

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  15. Chris


    Worked for me, bringing temps down 10-15Was having heat problems with a GeForce GTX 1080ti founders edition so blower type cooling.Idle temps were mid 40’s, in game temps (AC odyssey, Witcher 3, highest settings and 4K res) mid 80’s and would climb over 90 causing my blower to attempt to launch Dell Aurora R7 into orbit, would last a few seconds, cool down, and attempt relaunch. Obviously not ideal. Everything was clean inside, GPU was clean of dust so after some research I decided to try to repaste and reseat GPU and choose to go with Grizzly thermal paste after seeing good reviews and figured that while it was a bit more expensive then others it was worth it to try and fix expensive GPU. Took it apart and while it looked like paste job from manufacture used to much paste it had spots that were not covered. Cleaned it up and decided to use the spreading method using the applicator that came with paste instead of other methods like a pea sized spot in the middle hoping it would spread from remount. Anyway did an ok job, made sure it was covered, paste was thick’ish and I heard putting it in warm water might help with that but I didn’t, just made sure it was 100% surface covered with very thin application. After remounting, reinstalling and firing it back up on a 4K monitor im getting idle temps 28-30c and in game temps (same games) in the mid 70’s, did a custom recurve of case fans and GPU fans and it purrs instead of launches under these game loads staying at these temps. Other brands probably would of givin me improvements but I thought it prudent to go with one of the best when dealing with expensive GPU, so thank you Grizzly.

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  16. Cal


    Superb product! Exceeds expectations!Upgraded my CPU and added a liquid cooler. As the Kryonaut thermal paste had not arrived yet I decided to use the thermal paste that came with the cooler. Under maximum load my new CPU hit 58C. The Kryonaut came 2 days later and I debated whether or not to use it. I removed heat sync and CPU cleaned them up and reinstalled them using the Kryonaut thermal paste. Under full load the maximum temperature my CPU hit was 53C.Wow a difference of 5C! I was amazed and glad I used the Kryonaut thermal paste!

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  17. Philippe Brunet

    Philippe Brunet

    This thing is the bomb.I’ve seen reviews on here about people complaining there isn’t enough for the CPU and GPU, let me tell you this is plenty.Just used on my Alienware area51M R1(rtx2080/9900K), i had really bad thermals to the point where under load the pc would shut down(105C on the cpu), after tearing it down , replacing some thermal pads and some air down the fans( there wasn’t much dust) and applying this ,under load im at 70 to 75 C on the cpu and my rtx 2080 hovers around 60 to 65 pushing 4K at 80 to 100fps for hours.My idle temps were in the 60s on the processor and about the same for the gpu.Sitting at 30 and 31 accordingly right now.AMAZING!

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  18. Mr. Anderson

    Mr. Anderson

    Finally. Great performance on Alienware 15 R4I repasted my Alienware 15 R4 because I was getting very bad CPU and GPU thermal performance. This laptop (and Alienware laptops in general) are notorious for thermal issues. I tried other pastes and they all gave me temperatures above 90 degrees C on the 8750h CPU, even with undervolting. The GPU temps on the GTX 1070 were also less than ideal at around 80C maximum. After repasting with Kryonaut, I’m finally getting decent performance without thermal throttling. This is the only paste that gives reasonable thermal headroom. The CPU temperature finally stays below 85C and the GPU stays below 70C. In everyday use, the CPU rarely goes over 65C. I only see 85C rarely in demanding games.The main reason I’m not giving 5 stars is because of the price. This is not a good value for money because it’s only enough for 2 applications. So if you are applying it to the CPU and GPU, you basically only have enough for 1 application with a bit left over. The larger tube is definitely a better value.The other issue was delivery time. It took about 3 weeks to be delivered, which is pretty terrible. It looks like these are shipped from Sweden, so if you’re living in Canada or the USA, especially on the west coast, you’re in for a long wait.

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  19. Anj


    Great paste, no room for error.I bought the Kryonaut and Conductonaut for my new 8700k after I delided it.I put the Conductonaut on the die to IHS and the Kryonaut on the IHS to the AIO cooler.Overall the results were amazing due to Intel’s terrible toothpaste compound. I think this is the best TIM you can apply. My temp changed 24C on load.Only thing I dislike about this is that you’ll only have enough for one application, there’s no room for mistakes.For the price, I’d expect at least 2g and I’m sure it wouldn’t cost them that much more.The Conductonaut amount is good with 1g since you don’t need a lot, and 1g is good for at least 3 applications. But with Kryonaut, they cheaped out which I don’t get since they offer 6g for $10 more(1/3rd the price of this). For that, I’ll dock a star.

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  20. Mergatroid


    It worksI am a huge fan of Arctic Silver 5. I have been using it since it hit the market ages ago, and it still stands with the best TIM you can purchase.Of course, the temperature difference between the best TIMs is often 2 degrees or less, so we’re really cutting a fine line when comparing them.This TIM got good reviews and the comparisons actually showed it being slightly better than AS5, so I decided to give it a shot.The temps on my i7 10700K are very good for the 4.8GHz overclock. In fact, I will be pushing it to 5GHz if I can get it stable. I have no worries about this compound as it seems to be working fine.

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